Bloopers and Mistakes

1. Kurt Thomas's haircut.

2. Poor "performances" delivered by second rate "actors".

3. Unintentionally laughable dialogue.

4. The ridiculous premise of a brutal "game" being played in a fictional country.

5. Sending a world-class gymnast to do a military forces job.

6. Multi-ethnic actors portraying people which are all supposed to be from the same country.

7. No motivational music through most of the training montage.

8. Jonathan's un-named martial arts trainer having a hawk on his arm for no apparent reason.

9. Jonathan being trained for only two months.

10. How is walking up a set of stairs on your hands helpful training?

11. The unfortunate camera views involved with said training.

12. Flashing "KARABAL, ON THE CASPIAN SEA" over and over. Once is enough already.

13. While in Karabal somehow night can turn to day in an instant.

14. Jonathan conveniently seems to find objects like a horizontal bar and a pommel horse just when he needs them.

15. The lack of serious security when Jonathan breaks into the bad guys' headquarters to save Princess Rubali.

16. The ever cliché "cardboard boxes in the alley flipping a car over" scene.

17. Although Parmistan is a fictional country, why do all the evil henchmen have to look like ninjas?

18. What language do the Parmistanians speak anyways?

19. Why are the men in charge of directing the athletes dressed like ninjas?

20. When one of the contestants tries to cross a dangerous bridge, he is shot with an arrow. You can see the arrow stick out of him at a completely unrealistic angle.

Watch out for that horse