The Story Of Gymkata

The saga begins - The United States "Special Intelligence Agency (SIA)" wishes to set up a site in the Hindu Kush mountain range of Parmistan (fictional) to support a satellite monitoring station, which will aid the US in preventing possible nuclear attacks. Before the US can do this however, they must gain permission from the Khan of Parmistan (Buck Kartalian). The Khan will allow the US to build there station only if they assign a designated champion to participate in "The Game". "The Game" is a deadly athletic competition where the victor earns the right to their life and is granted one wish (i.e. the station). Apparently no foreigner has won the game in nine centuries and with this the US approaches Olympic gymnast Jonathan Cabot (Kurt Thomas) to be their champion. Cabot is informed that the previous athlete the US sent to participate in "The Game" went missing in action; not only was this athlete an SIA operative, he was also Cabot's father.

Training for "The Game"- Although Cabot is a world class gymnast, he lacks the survival skills to endure the deadly nature of "The Game", he will be pursued by ninja like Parmistani warriors who will stop at nothing to defeat Cabot and end his life. In order to have a fighting chance in "The Game" Cabot receives invaluable training from an unnamed Japanese martial arts master (Tadashi Yamashita) and Princess Rubali (Tetchie Agbayani), daughter to the Khan of Parmistan. He undergoes a rigorous regiment of weapons training, fighting styles and climbing up and down stairs on his hands. This amalgamation of martial arts and Cabot's gymnastics skills give birth to a new discipline deemed Gymkata. Towards the end of his two month training period Cabot makes a romantic advance upon Princess Rubali, she initially resists but then succumbs to him.

Beginning the journey to Parmistan - Upon completion of his training he leaves for Karabal, on the Caspian Sea (fictional) where he will then meet his US contact, Mackel AKA "The Stork" (Zlatko Pokupec) and enter Parmistan.

During his stay in Karabal an attack is staged upon him by men wearing turbans and black robes, although he survives, Princess Rubali is kidnapped. A pursuit ensues and Cabot infiltrates a terrorist training center and uses his finely honed Gymkata prowess to defeat numerous terrorists and rescue the Princess. Cabot and the Princess then return to the sulfur warehouse (where they stay while in Karabal). Upon their return it turns out that Mackel has sold them out to the enemy and they walk into an ambush but the SIA arrives just in time to save them.

After this ordeal Cabot and the Princess make their way to Parmistan by rafting down some turbulent rapids. During their journey they are intercepted by some Parmistani warriors during the skirmish Cabot in knocked out. When he regains consciousness, Cabot finds himself at the Khan of Parmistan's palace and meets other contestants which have arrived to compete in "The Game". The Khan then explains "The Game" on a true to scale model. The Princess is also at the palace and she informs Cabot that the man running the game is Commander Zamir (Richard Norton), The Khan's closest aid. It turns out Commander Zamir is actually planning to stage a coup, dethrone the Khan, marry Princess Rubali and sell the rights to the site to the enemy.

Princess Rubali is promised to another - The night before "The Game" is to commence, a party is thrown for the competitors. It is at this party where the Khan formally announces that after the game has finished his daughter shall be married to Zamir. Throughout the course of the evening Zamir notices Cabot and the Princess have an affinity for one another. With hopes of intimidating Cabot, Zamir proceeds to demonstrate his prowess with the Sai swords.

With knowledge of Zamir's intentions, Cabot begins playing "The Game". Zamir continually undermines Cabot against the rules. Also, under false pretenses Zamir convinces the Khan of an increased security measure and is over throne by Zamir's army. This all occurs while the game is in progress.

The Game commences - At the onset of "The Game" one of Cabot's competitors, who goes by the name of Thorg (Bob Schott), brutalizes him and begins the race unfairly. One by one the competitors are eliminated by various violent methods, such as gunshots and spears. Cabot continues the race and encounters Thorg again, he has just killed one of the athletes and Cabot decides to attack him. Thorg immediately takes the upper hand but Cabot remembers one of his martial arts masters teachings, to be aware of his surroundings. It is just at this moment that Cabot dodges an arrow shot by one of Zamir's henchmen, the arrow hits Thorg in the chest.

Father and son are reunited - Cabot proceeds in the race with Thorg behind him and they arrive at a village. This village is inhabited by many insane and gruesome people. Cabot manages to fight through crazed villagers and various traps which they have waiting for the competitors. Cabot continues through the village and reaches a structure very similar to a pommel horse and uses his Gymkata skills to defeat many more villagers. While fighting the villagers Cabot decides to try and escape y climbing up the side of a nearby building. It is at this point that Jonathan Cabot encounters one of the warriors which are regulating the game; this ninja like warrior uncharacteristically helps Cabot get on top of the roof and un-masks himself, revealing to Jonathan that he is his father Colonel Cabot (Eric Lawson). Jonathan gives him a vote of confidence and he continues on the race. He then encounters Zamir and they engage in combat, Zamir dominates the fight at the beginning but Cabot unleashes his Gymkata skills, does a flip and proceeds to snap Zamir's neck with a scissor lock.

The Parmistanians revolt - Meanwhile, the Khan is enlightened by his daughter that Zamir is not the loyal aid that he thought he was and is actually attempting to assume control of the country. The Khan and the Princess get the citizens of Parmistan to join forces and regain power against Zamir.

Jonathan is victorious - With Zamir defeated Jonathan Cabot emerges as the victor of "The Game" riding a horse, with his injured father following. Princess Rubali joins him astride the horse as a message appears across the screen "In 1985 The First Early Warning Earth Station Was Placed in Parmistan for the U.S. Star Wars Defense Program".